Docker with WildFly and Java 8

Searching for a docker container for running JBoss WilFly application server, I could not find any existing one that has the Java 8. So had to create one.

To import it run:
docker pull sillenttroll/wildfly-java-8
In order to run it simply execute this:
docker run -d -it -p 9990:9990 -p 8080:8080 sillenttroll/wildfly-java-8
However, in order to be able to manage the instance and to deploy your application, you will have to add a management user. This is done with the WilfFly add-user utility .
In order to be able to access and run the utility you will have to extend the image. Create a Dockerfile with the following content:
FROM sillenttroll/wildfly-java-8
RUN /opt/wildfly/bin/ user password --silent
Then build the image
docker build -t "your_tag" .
Run the new image and start using this amazing application server with latest Java version.

Source code is available here.
And here you can find the container info on Docker Hub.


  1. Thanks. I'm using your image as base for mine. Works like a charm!

  2. Hey thanks! How do you manage the deployment? I am currently using the maven wildfly plugin but would like to switch for something more convenient.


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