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Docker with WildFly and Java 8

Searching for a docker container for running JBoss WilFly  application server, I could not find any existing one that has the Java 8. So had to create one . To import it run: docker pull sillenttroll/wildfly-java-8 In order to run it simply execute this: docker run -d -it -p 9990:9990 -p 8080:8080 sillenttroll/wildfly-java-8 However, in order to be able to manage the instance and to deploy your application, you will have to add a management user. This is done with the WilfFly  add-user utility  . In order to be able to access and run the utility you will have to extend the image. Create a Dockerfile  with the following content: FROM sillenttroll/wildfly-java-8 RUN /opt/wildfly/bin/ user password --silent Then build the image docker build -t "your_tag" . Run the new image and start using this amazing application server with latest Java version. Source code is available here . And here you can find the container info on Docker Hub.