Puppet module for MongoDB Management Service

Hello everyone!

One of the server, on which runs my "pet project": www.torrent-filter.com, is running MongoDB database, that I want to be able to monitor. Thanks to the guys at MongoDB, they have created a great service for monitoring and backups: MongoDB Management Service.

The monitorization requires the installation and configuration of a small package. A process that I wanted to automate. So I have created a really simple Puppet module for this.

The installation is pretty simple:

puppet module install SillentTroll-mongodbmms

In your main *.pp file just define this (with the appropriate value for your mms key):

class { 'mongodbmms':
  api_key => Env['MMS_API_KEY']

Unfortunately, you will have to perform the needed configuration of the host manually.

The source code is available here. You can report any issue here.


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