About human multitasking

It is a trap!!! Seriously. Do not do this.

I want to share with you this idea, that I have learned over the weekend, after reading  a series of inspring articles:
Multitasking is killing your productivity. Over past years we were bombarded with images of successful human beings, that are doing 100500 things at the same time. And we want to be like them. 
That is why because of our brain. Yes! That brain that want to do all at the same time. He is a little motor that always wants to burn some fuel.  But it is a bad habit. You do not let your dog shit wherever it wants? So do not let your brain do this to you.
How many times you had to re-read the page, because you were not paying attention to what your were reading? How many times you had to ask to repeat the sentence because your were playing something while talking on the mobile phone?
Do not showoff. Do not be a doushebag. Do not buy 2-3 27" monitors, open every app on your computer and full yourself that your are doing something productively, while checking Facebook on your iPad/iPhone/Android device. Your are not producing anything! Nada! You are tricking your brain by doing a lot at the same time. But the brain does not care about the result. And only the result matters.
Talking on the phone and drawing circles on the paper (all of us done this) ? Stop! Take a deep breath and listen! You will discover some magnificent things! You will actually remember that your wife asked you to take the kid after the school. 
All this is cool, but what to do? Some time ago I have started to use a technique called Pomodoro(http://www.pomodorotechnique.com/) : Define a task, think how much time it will take, and start a timer. And don't do anything else while the timer is ticking. Then take a short break(5mins) and do what your hungry brain wants : check twitter, Facebook or email. After 4 intervals take a longer break. 
Got an email while on timer? STOP! Wait until time ends. 
It takes time to learn. But it helps. Now i really can see the benefits of this method. 
Do not harm yourself and enjoy your life!


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